The Staff

Adam Hirsh  - Owner/Bagel Maker

Adam Hirsh - Owner/Bagel Maker

Adam Hirsh is the Founder and Bagel Maker. Hirsh has been in the hospitality industry since a very young age having grown up working in his Mother's restaurant in Malibu, California, and his Father's Hair Salon in Sherman Oaks, California. Hirsh has lived in Boston for 23 years; he has lived in Jamaica Plain for 15 of those years. He worked with Stan Frankenthaler at Salamander, Tim Partridge at Perdix, and Siobhan Carew at Pomodoro. He was also a public school teacher in the Boston Public Schools and helped start a youth leadership program for middle and high school students 17 years ago. Hirsh is uniquely qualified to serve these neighborhoods because he has been engaging its community members with integrity and consistency for many years. 

Priscilla Andrade  - Owner/Director of Youth Outreach

Priscilla Andrade - Owner/Director of Youth Outreach

Priscilla Andrade is the Director of the Trinity Education for Excellence Program (mentioned above) after serving in the program for 6 years. As an owner, Andrade will serve Exodus in various ways, but also explicitly as the liaison and manager of our youth training & employment initiative. The goal is to connect these entities and offer youth the opportunity to learn a trade, get a job, and just have a welcoming place to go. Her work in youth development stretches back to her hometown in New Hampshire and out to Eastern Kentucky. Additionally, Andrade has served as a faculty member in the Writing, Literature, & Publishing Department at Emerson College. She also has primarily Front of House experience (The Rendezvous, Cheers, Roxy's Grilled Cheese, Exodus Bagels). 

David Dubois  - Chef

David Dubois - Chef

David Dubois has worked in kitchens all over Boston including the Gallows and Centre Street Cafe. He has trained extensively with prominent Boston Chefs over the past 10 years. Along with his Food Preparation experience, David has an extensive background in the Sciences and as a drummer, both which help make him uniquely qualified to oversee Production of the entire Exodus Menu. It takes rhythm to make bagels. If you've had an Exodus sandwich, then you've eaten his food. Dubois is responsible for everything "Between the Buns."