We Reached our Kickstarter Goal!!!

  • Exodus Bagels 2 McCraw Street Boston, MA, 02131 United States

How did that even...?

It felt like an election. Perhaps Exodus was the benefactor of the need for something positive to participate in. Or maybe the world just really likes bagels. We are convinced it is about much more than that and it is with that sense that we enter this next phase. A phase that will begin with learning how to most effectively produce out of McCraw, and end with knocking some walls down and building your space.

Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

Here's a peak at one way we're "showing" our gratitude. Thank you Syd for your steady hand and heartfelt vision. Don't mind Ruben photo bombing on a wheeled chair.


Preparing Surveys

To all of our generous backers, we are working hard to prepare your incentives for production and delivery. You will receive a survey to fill out detailing things like shirt sizes, mailing addresses and favorite character on Game of Thrones. You know? The pertinent stuff.

Kidding aside, we feel deeply blessed to be doing what we love with such a unique blessing from all of you. We look forward to growing with you. Thank you so much.

Exodus assemble.

The first everything Nub with Bacon/Everything cc from McCraw.